Consolidated Laundry Machinery Introduces New Mat Roller

Two new features – Mats can be rolled with backing up or down; Belts can be controlled automatically or with manual pedal

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Los Angeles, CA – March 10, 2017 – Known for combining “workhorse” reliability that lasts with cutting-edge technology, Consolidated Laundry Machinery ( has released its two newly improved mat roller models: MTR-1.1 and MTR-2.1 to the market. CLM’s equipment is recognized throughout the industry as compact and efficient with a design that improves overall plant safety while increasing productivity.

The MTR-1.1 and MTR-2.1 models come standard with the original automatic mat roller features of prior models. Sophisticated PLC and VFD controls, return-to-feed option, and a seamless main feed belt are known to increase output and safety of mat processing (machines stops when human hand or object nears safety guard).

The two new models offer two new features as well as a customization option. They have the capability of rolling mats with the backing up or down. This unique design prevents mats from being damaged while doing the job twice as fast. The option of switching from automatic mode to manual foot pedal control is also a new feature, giving the operator more control and safety while reducing operator’s long and short-term injuries. CLM’s mat rollers can be customized with direct-to-cart or return-to-feed discharge.

CLM’s president, Gabriel Camacho, said, “In response to customer feedback, we dedicated resources aimed at producing a new and improved version of our already popular automatic mat rolling machine and are pleased at the market’s warm response.”

About Consolidated Laundry Machinery:
Founded in 1961 as supplier of quality used and rebuilt machinery, CLM has focused on building high-quality durable dryers since 1983. Combining “workhorse” reliability with cutting-edge technology, Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) produces the most cost-effective best-in-class industrial dryers, folders, conveyors, vacuum feeders and mat rolling systems.

Date: 26-04-2017