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Prison Laundries Choose CLM for Durability and Ease of Use

The industrial strength and long life of CLM’s dryers make them a perfect fit for prison laundry facilities and other institutions. As opposed to other brands, which last 7-10 years, CLM dryers stand up to 30+ years of use, thereby causing less disruption in the secure prison system environment.

Prison laundries also appreciate the removable ceramic-coated basket panels, which keep plastics from sticking to the basket.

If plastics inadvertently adhere to the dryer basket, the airflow is reduced, thereby increasing drying time and energy use.  Ceramic-coated panels are more resistant to abrasion than standard Teflon® coatings and the easy-to-remove panels make the cleaning process simpler.

All of the CLM dryer models are available with the removable ceramic-coated panels, as well as the PLC controls, efficient modulating burner, and cross axis air flow. A Low NOx version of each model is also available.