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Effective Tips to Maintain Your On Premise Laundry Units Efficiently

OPL equipment

It’s essential for business owners and managers to keep up with proper maintenance of on premise laundry units. If not properly maintained, these machines can quickly become inefficient and costly.

To avoid this, there are certain tips to consider that can help maintain your OPL equipment in its best condition. Let’s look at a few of the most effective ones.

Regular Cleaning

The best way to maintain your laundry units is by cleaning them regularly. This means wiping down all the surfaces, both inside and out, with a damp cloth and mild detergent. This prevents any build-up of dirt or grime, which can affect the performance of the unit. Additionally, it keeps the on premise laundry units looking professional and clean for customers or staff that may use them.

Regular Inspection

On top of regular cleaning, it’s important to inspect each OPL equipment regularly as well. This helps you spot any signs of wear or malfunction before they become an issue. During inspections, check for signs such as loose hinges or odd noises coming from the machine during operation. If you spot anything unusual during the inspection, don’t hesitate to call a technician for repairs right away to prevent further damage from occurring.

Proper Use

It’s also important that your staff uses these machines correctly in order to keep them running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Make sure they have been properly trained in how to use them correctly so they don’t overload the machines or put too many items in one load at once, which could cause it to jam up or break down prematurely. Also, be sure not to overfill soap dispensers either as this could lead to air bubbles forming which will make clothes harder to clean properly without taking multiple cycles through the machine again and again which wastes energy and money in the long run.


Maintaining OPL laundry equipment is an important part of keeping a business running smoothly and efficiently. By following these essential maintenance tips such as regular cleaning, inspecting regularly, and using them properly you can ensure that your laundry units remain in their best condition for years to come without any major issues arising from neglecting basic maintenance tasks like these. Properly maintaining your laundry units now will save you time and money later on down the line when it comes time for repairs or replacements due to lack thereof earlier on!

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