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Here’s How On-Premise Laundry Equipment Makes A Difference In Correctional Facilities

Prison Laundry

Outsourcing always provides a business with a breath of fresh air. However, sometimes it’s not the way to go. Having the same department in-house can actually do more good than harm. Housing laundry equipment can be a lifesaver if the correctional facility is looking for a faster and more efficient laundry service. Here are a few of the countless benefits one can gain from operating on-premise prison laundry equipment.

Cost Benefits

There are several costs connected to outsourcing prison laundry services. They include the transport costs to transport the laundry and all the additional charges that come with partnering with a laundry outsourcing company. All these costs can be reduced with an in-house laundry facility.

The saved costs can be used to improve the quality of the correctional facilities and amount to thousands of dollars by the end of the year. The correctional facility may require trained laundry professionals to deal with their laundry. However, setting up the equipment in-house reduces the amount of money spent paying for the laundry outsourcing business’ overhead.

Control Over Quality

Having OPL commercial equipment allows users to control quality since sending the laundry to laundry outsourcing companies doesn’t guarantee quality washing. This happens because different types of laundry items are dealt with at these laundry facilities. On the other hand, the machine’s settings need not be altered if the equipment is only used to wash one type of fabric in the correctional facility. Also, the chances of ripped or overly soiled OPL laundry equipment are reduced as the settings are optimal for the correctional facility laundry.

Time Savings

Transporting laundry takes a lot of time. Waiting for the laundry to be processed and sent back is another wait that can affect the quality of the laundry that may be urgently required at the correctional facility. For this reason, the on-premise correctional facility can provide swift service.

Inhabitants of the correctional facility are differentiated based on their clothing. This makes it even more important for the correctional facility to have the required garments at hand at all times. A slower service may mean that sometimes, these inhabitants may need to wear garments that aren’t meant for them. The result? Confusion may ensue, and it may threaten the safety of all individuals present in the facility.


No business can match the high-quality laundry that can be provided by on-premise laundry equipment. The speed at which the laundry can be dealt with is increased, making it easy for the correction facility to deal with any fluctuations in the amount of laundry. Visit CLM to learn more.