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How Folding Machines For Laundry Are Dominating The Market

commercial laundry folding machine

Automatic laundry folders, once a dream of the past, are now reality. Laundry and towel folders have been adopted in various laundry management settings to increase productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the ways the automatic laundry folding machine is taking over the garments industry.

Increase in the Amount of Disposable Income

Even though the world faced a severe health crisis in the past two years, nothing got in the way of an increasing level of disposable income. In fact, the Financial Times reported that during the peak pandemic, disposable income grew by a staggering 10 percent relative to the fiscal year 2019.

Additionally, the pandemic provided many people with free time. And with this free time, they explored new and unique technologies. An automatic laundry folder was one of the marvels of technology that caught the eyes of many individuals. This, coupled with an increased disposable income, led to a surge in interest in the automatic laundry folding machine. Laundry folder machines are popular among tech geeks as they save them time otherwise lost to folding laundry.

Commercial Laundry Companies

The commercial laundry industry occupies a chunk of the market worth $18.6 billion. It only makes sense that these businesses take advantage of folding laundry machines to reduce the number of staff required to handle the folding of laundry. On the other hand, laundry machines are cost-effective. Humans involved in laundry folding are a recurring cost. However, an automatic laundry folding machine is a one-time investment that’s cost-effective in the long run.

Quality of the Clothes

The laundry folder helps the user with setting up the right folding dimensions. For instance, the machine is being used in a garment factory setting where the clothes need to be folded in a certain manner to fit in the packaging and maintain the clothes’ quality. However, employees who are in charge of folding may not fold the clothing articles as accurately as required. As a result, the shabby packaging leaves a bad first impression on the business’s potential customers. Automatic laundry folders do this job with a higher degree of accuracy. The neat and clean item can then be easily enclosed within the packaging.


Many individuals and commercial laundry businesses are acquiring automatic laundry folding machines to ease their laundry-related worries. Automatic laundry folders were once a thing of the future. Now, the laundry folder is one of the greatest innovations of the present times. To learn more about automatic laundry folders, visit CLM.