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How Laundry Folders Increase Efficiency of Commercial Laundry Systems

towel folding machine

At hotels, resorts, and other organizations that provide towels and other amenities that require laundry service, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the, well, laundry.

Linen and towels are in constant use from cleaning to storage to delivery. This can increase the workload of housecleaning and other maintenance services exponentially, especially considering the increasing hygiene standards produced by the pandemic. Thankfully, there are effective solutions out there, like an automatic laundry folder.

While it may seem like an excessive investment at first glance, there are serious benefits to cost reduction and efficiency for businesses. If you’ve ever had to fold hundreds of towels in a manner that still maintains professionalism, you know how important these machines are.

So, for any business that has a high volume of laundry that needs to be quickly turned over for repeated use, it’s easy to derive serious benefit from a towel folding machine.

Benefits of Automatic Laundry Folding Machines

High-output towel folders are the perfect way for you to optimize the output of your laundry services. These devices have the capacity to speed up professional amenities processes through the use of tech integration, precision mechanical action, and durable construction for increased use. Here are a few of the main benefits of an automatic laundry folder:

  • Come in a variety of single- and multi-towel folding options for varying workloads
  • 5-in-1 machines allow laundry services to insert, flatten, fold, stack, and collect a number of different flat linens and towels
  • Easy-to-use touch screen with over a dozen programmable functions
  • Folding capabilities that can even outpace the ability for operators to feed in materials
  • Achieves a uniform, highly professional fold in a fraction of the time

These are just a few of the benefits that your business will realize once you decide to maximize production efficiency with automatic laundry folding machines.

The CLM SPF-1 High-Output Towel Folder

One of the best options for towel folding, particularly for those business owners who want maximum output while maintaining minimal floor space, CLM’s SPF-1 commercial towel folding machine is the perfect option.

This innovative product has the enhanced functionality of large industrial folders but can be moved around easily to maintain versatility in tight spaces. A comprehensive computer system, complete with vivid touch display, allows your staff to program in the exact dimensions for a professional French fold, every time.

To learn more about how the SPF-1 high-output automatic laundry folder is right for your hotel, recreation, or care business, reach out to the laundry experts at CLM today. You can find free, detailed information about the product and can contact us to start optimizing your laundry services today!