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How Material Handling Systems Works?

Shuttle conveyors

You might not be aware, but everything you see on the shelves has gone through a material handling system at some point. Everything in your home has visited the system at least once. These systems with material handling conveyors are essential. Without them, our supply chain system would have been very different and very slow.

Every successful warehouse needs to have a material handling system. A proper materials handling protocol will prevent setbacks and increase the performance of your department.

These systems can enhance customer service by making products easy to locate, relocate, and ship out. They cut costs by reducing the time required for moving products. They also minimize product damages by properly transporting your products. In this blog, we have explained what material handling systems are and how material handling conveyors work.

What Is a Material Handling System?

It may sound like an impressive name, but material handling is just a decorative term for handling goods and materials within your warehouse. It can be broken down into movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products within your facility. Material handling conveyors and shuttle conveyors systems usually aid with movement and protection. These are the two most common handling systems that you will find in any department. So it is crucial to have the right shuttle conveyor system for your repository, warehouse, or storage areas.

They are also used in stages such as:

  • Assembly
  • Transportation
  • Staging
  • Warehousing
  • Order Picking

How Do Material Handling Conveyors or Shuttle Conveyors Work?

A conveyor is moved to the front or back in regular operation to vary the loading or discharge points, or both. Shuttle conveyors can be designed to move only in either a straight or a curved path. These are usually powered by gravity, hydraulic, or electricity.

All the material is placed on top rollers or a belt that travels along a fixed path with distinct points for storing and unloading.

Shuttle conveyors are an amazing way to reduce labor costs. These machines enable large volumes of material to be moved rapidly through a process or facility. The conveyors also manage to reduce non-value-added travel time.

What Are the Benefits of Shuttle Conveyors?

The benefits of having a shuttle conveyor in your warehouse are endless, but we have listed some of them below.

  • They help with process flow.
  • They are beneficial for eliminating the chance of operator injury from pushing or pulling a load.
  • The speed of Shuttle Conveyors is adjustable and can be changed according to your needs.
  • Conveyors can become a significant component of an assembly or production process.
  • They reduce the cost of labor.

If you are planning to install material handling conveyors in your warehouse or facility, contact us today. We will provide you with all the information you need for the installation of material handling systems.