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How To Choose the Ideal Conveyor to Ease Auto Bagging of Laundry?

Material Handling Conveyors

An auto bagging conveyor needs to process laundry very fast. However, not many businesses consider their business needs and end up purchasing the wrong type of conveyor. The following points help to find the right material handling conveyors.

Cost Efficiencies

Choosing the right conveyor belt for auto bagging is critical as equipment like material handling conveyors come at a very high cost. Since a conveyor belt is a piece of expensive equipment, choosing a conveyor belt whose parts are readily available can ease worries for the business. When the equipment breaks down, it’s easier for the business to source a conveyor belt supplier. The most commonly replaced parts are the belts. Using a PVC conveyor belt will require replacement every two years; however, a plastic link style belt does not require complete replacement. Rather, it can be repaired wherever it’s been damaged.

Additionally, ensuring the conveyor belt’s specifications are compatible with the laundry business’s requirements is very important. For heavier laundry items, the conveyor belt purchased should be able to accommodate the needs of heavy laundry. Otherwise, the auto bagging process may slow down and reduce productivity.


Package handling conveyor belts need to be portable, especially if they’re being used in more than one department. If two different types of laundry require the use of an auto bagging conveyor belt, shuttle conveyors help employees easily trolley it from one location to another.

On the other hand, fixed metal conveyor belts are restricted to just one location. A fixed metal conveyor belt should be enough if the business doesn’t require the same auto-bagging conveyor belt to be used on different floors. Additionally, large-scale production processes may require the use of a fixed metal auto bagging conveyor belt. These businesses have dedicated departments dealing with the packaging process; hence machine mobility is not very important to them.

Adapt To Change

If a business needs to change its auto bagging process constantly, it will have to update the configuration of the conveyor belts. This feature is not available in fixed metal conveyor belts. On the other hand, plastic modular conveyor belts can be easily adjusted to accommodate changes in laundry needs. For small businesses looking for a single solution to their different auto bagging needs, plastic modular conveyor belts offer a good solution and also take up very little space compared to fixed metal conveyor belts.


Auto bagging machines need to be fast and should function without interruption. For this reason, your business needs to match with the right auto bagging conveyor belt, be it a package handling conveyor or a shuttle conveyor. To learn more, visit CLM.