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How To Choose the Right Dryer Based on Your Business Requirements

industrial dryers

Many businesses find themselves in need of industrial dryers for various reasons. For a business to have their industrial dryer machine, rather than outsourcing this service, can mean huge savings.

However, when it comes to industrial dryers, it can be difficult to decide which models to go for. An industrial clothes dryer can seem pretty straightforward – you want it to dry fabrics. So, what are the kinds of considerations one should employ when making this decision?

Capacity and Size

The first two considerations when it comes to picking out an industrial dryer are how much space do you have for the dryer and how much material do you have to dry per load. This will help determine the level of machinery you will be able to house in your facility.

Fabric Density

The density of the fabric determines how much liquid it will trap, and therefore, how long it will take to dry. Highly dense fabrics will hold onto more liquid for longer and take much longer to dry.

Moisture Levels

Similar to fabric density, materials that have been laundered or utilized differently before going through the industrial dryer machine will factor differently. Some facilities need to dry damp materials, whereas some need to dry sopping wet fabrics. These conditions will play a factor in the type of dryer that will be the best fit.

Heat Tolerance

It also pays to consider your materials’ tolerance to heat. Some fabrics and materials are more highly reactive to heat. Fabrics with a higher plastic composition like rayon and polyester will melt in higher heat. Other materials may burn if exposed to high heat for too long.

Cost and Efficiency

Finally, when it comes down to choosing the best industrial drying machine for your needs, you must consider the business’s tolerance levels for cost and efficiency. High cost and high efficiency can mean a machine specially designed to deal with specialized materials that hold water and react to heat. Whereas low cost can provide a machine that will take longer to dry the materials, maybe that is not a big deal for this business.

However, be diligent in the research because the low cost and high efficiency mean that the machine may have hidden costs like a constant need for repair or the tendency to melt fabrics.

These different factors interact to determine the best fit of machine for the need. With some variables, a slower, larger machine is best, whereas with many standard drying needs, a compact, fast dry is sufficient.

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