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How to Increase the Durability of a Laundry Machine

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An industrial laundry machine is quite an expensive investment. However, regular maintenance schedules can help maintain industrial equipment and reduce breakdowns over time. Breakdowns can lead to leaks, as well as costly water damage. This blog discusses maintenance schedules for laundry equipment parts to increase the durability of a laundry machine.

Clean the Rubber Gasket Regularly

Rubber gaskets are one of those commercial laundry equipment parts that go through a lot of wear and tear. The rubber gaskets are basically responsible for wrapping the edges of the washer and dryer in order to keep the clothes protected from any sharp edges. However, over time, microdust particles can cause damage to the rubber gasket.

Accordingly, if the rubber gasket is not cleaned regularly, then the lifespan of a washing machine is reduced significantly over time. One good idea is to wash it at least once a week.

Use The Recommended Products

It’s a good practice to use the recommended detergents and chemicals when washing laundry, as well as the amount and the way it should be used. Following the manufacturer’s recommendation is a good way of maintaining the washing machine in the long run and avoiding the formation of residue, which is usually the case when the wrong type of detergent is used in the machine.

Maintain the Washer’s Hoses

Water hoses are one of the most important laundry equipment parts. However, over time, these hoses can become brittle or cracked, so it’s important to check them regularly. If there’s a leak, then it’s a good idea to schedule a professional washing machine repair and have an expert check the hoses.

Protect the Machine from Spillage

Water machines can very easily gather residue due to detergent spillage. However, the workers should always make an effort to avoid spilling the detergent. Over time, the residue can become quite sticky and start to smell.

However, if there’s any spillage, the right way to get rid of it is to just wipe it with the help of a dishwashing cleaner. In the same manner, the inside of the drum should also be cleaned because detergent, fibers, and dirt can gather with time inside the drum as well. Regular maintenance of commercial laundry equipment parts ensures that it will last a long time and return value on investment.

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