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Maintenance Requirements for Getting Maximum Use from Your Laundry Equipment

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Maintenance can make or break a commercial machine. For instance, industrial laundry equipment typically lasts from 15-30 years only if properly maintained. No wonder why laundry equipment services have become so popular! Since maintenance is vital, we have curated a short guide to help maintain laundry equipment and ensure they run for an extended time.

Maintenance Tips for Industrial Laundry Equipment

1. Change the Filters

It is super important to regularly inspect and clean the water filters of both washing and drying machines. Debris and lint can easily clog the filters, decreasing the overall performance of these machines. This is why one should clean filters regularly, depending on the volume of use and the equipment manual.

2. Clean the Exhaust Ducts

Besides water filters, lint (which is also a fire hazard) and filters can also clog other laundry equipment parts, such as the exhaust ducts. It increases the chance of exhaust ducts overheating. Eventually, the laundry machinery won’t be able to perform well. Accordingly, one needs to clean out the exhaust ducts at least once a month to avoid these problems. The vents can be free of debris and lent, allowing the air to pass through the machinery.

3. Make Sure There are no Washer Leaks

Washers can leak from several areas if they are not regularly maintained. Hence, washing machines should be sealed tightly, without unexpected leaks. One should inspect hoses, seals, connections, and joints regularly. This is important because leaks can result in a surge in the monthly water bill and affect laundry machines’ performance.

4. Clean the Washer Drums

Washer Drums can be affected by the build-up of dirt and soap, so one should clean them at least once every year. If the build-up continues to stay, it can leave a foul odor in the laundry. Accordingly, cleaning the washer drums is imperative to maintain a good ambiance in the space.

5. Clean the Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers can become dirty quickly and clogged with grime or soap residues. Especially if the washing machines are experiencing high volume, soap dispensers are likely to become clogged quickly. It is essential to clean the dispensers weekly. This will prevent clogging and protect the dispensers from breaking due to corrosion.

Final Takeaway

Maintaining the laundry equipment is super important to ensure they run for long and continue performing to the optimal levels. However, most businesses don’t have enough time to maintain their laundry equipment, which is where Consolidated Laundry Machinery can help. Contact Consolidated Laundry Machinery today and get a quote to get the best laundry equipment services.