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Planning Guide for Installing On-Site Hotel Laundry Equipment

Laundry Equipment

Regardless of the size of a hotel, inn, or vacation rental service, laundry services are a considerable part of the day-to-day maintenance chores. Many in this industry may already be considering opting for laundry equipment services to meet their demands.

The benefits of acquiring laundry equipment services for on-site laundry are innumerable. Being able to launder everything on-premises means that the job will be done quicker and more reliably without the variables of traffic, back-up at the service, and escalating fees.

For these same reasons, when laundry services are on-premises, less inventory is needed to maintain services since wash, and dry cycles are faster. There is no need to mitigate travel or emergency.

With laundry services on-site, there is a greater aspect of quality control. Your machines will become known to their operators, and the final product will be reliable. Whatever the size of the business, installing on-site consolidated laundry equipment is a big task with lots of variables. Here are some considerations for taking on laundry equipment services-

Choosing the Right Equipment

Laundry services are simple as soon as you are clear about your needs. All that is required is a space for the equipment, including the washer-extractor, dryer, a sink for spot treatments, a folding table or laundry folding machine, and an ironer.

There is variability in the kinds of laundry machinery in terms of size, capacity, and efficiency. Whichever machines you opt for, it is best to choose a supplier with laundry equipment services. Some industrial laundry machine manufacturers will answer any questions and even offer repair solutions.

 Labor Capacity

Whether the hotel staff is large or small, housekeeping employees will need to be trained on the machinery to operate the laundry when needed. These machines are relatively simple to use, but sometimes things can go wrong, and it can be helpful to have laundry equipment services to reach out to.

Likewise, if something goes wrong with the machines, it is helpful to have somewhere to reach out to. Regular housekeepers and maintenance staff may not be able to solve the issue alone.

 Quality and Ease of Operations

No matter who is operating the laundry machines if they are as straightforward as possible. Some devices can be complicated, taking away working hours and decreasing morale.

Also, some machines are notorious for breaking down more often, especially if they are below market pricing. It helps to have laundry equipment services at hand to find out what is going wrong and whether there is a quick fix or a repair.

When it comes to on site-laundry services at your hotel or amenity, make service and repair easier by getting your machines from Consolidated Laundry Machines. We provide laundry equipment services through our service department during working hours. Please give us a call to see what we can do for you!