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The Impact of Commercial Laundry Technology on the Industry

industrial laundry machines

It’s easy for people to forget how important laundry services are to businesses. Everyone is well aware of the difference that a new laundry machine makes in a residential space (because we all use them), but they are equally as important, if not more so, in institutional settings like hotels, hospitals, gyms, and other amenities-providing businesses.

Having top-notch industrial laundry machines is crucial to optimal operations in numerous settings, from gowns and bedding to towels and tablecloths. Like most forms of machinery, the continuous development of software and electronic systems is making what was once a labor-intensive, resource-draining process into a smooth, efficient system.

Here are some of the main ways in which technology is revolutionizing industrial laundry services.


1. Increasing Customer Experience by Reducing Turnaround Time

Using industrial laundry equipment is an underrated method of improving the experience of customers. No one wants to wait for a load of laundry to be done when they’re paying for a service. New industrial laundry machines drastically streamline the laundering process, meaning servicing crews can have amenities ready for customers at all times.

2. More Efficient Laundry Services

At the commercial level, maintaining the balance between hygiene and efficiency is difficult to achieve. But with the new advances being made in laundry technology, large businesses can streamline the efficiency of their laundry services, leveraging new features that reduce service staff sizes.

3. Automated Tracking and Inventory

Inventory is a difficult task at the best of times. But for restaurants, hospitals, and hotels, it gets very difficult to keep an accurate tab on laundry status — especially given recent increases in hygiene requirements. New commercial washers, dryers, steamers, and folders now offer tracking and inventory services to reduce waste.

4. Lower Operating Costs

For decades, laundry machines would handle washing and drying core operations, occasionally coming with additional functions. Fast forward to the present, and there is now industrial laundry equipment that provides those core operations more efficiently while also adding new time- and cost-saving features like folding and steaming.

5. Enhanced Sustainability

Following through on environmental and sustainability initiatives is now a crucial practice for all large organizations, from an operational and marketing perspective. Newer machines are much more efficient, consume fewer utilities while still providing a better result. The time for industrial laundry services to adopt sustainability is now.

Get New Industrial Laundry Machines Today

It may be tempting for hospital, hotel, and restaurant administrators to think that their industrial laundry equipment can last a few more years, but this is a poor strategy. Newer machines provide a much better clean while reducing the need for resources, utilities use, and oversight. If you’re ready to invest in cost-effective laundry services, reach out to the experts at CLM today!