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The Importance of On-site Laundry in Healthcare Facilities


Despite the fact that most laundry commercials focus on the pleasant smells and sensations of clean sheets, towels, and clothing, there’s a much more important aspect of these services: hygiene. Tablecloths, bedding and gowns, and towels all receive high use, collecting lots of potential bacteria and other contaminants. Hospitals in particular benefit from the use of an energy-efficient clothes dryer and washing machine.

Hospitals and health centers need to be extra cognizant when it comes to laundry, particularly in the current landscape. With Covid-19 impacting an increasing number of patients in hospital beds, this new virus joins the list of infections and diseases that can spread via fabric surfaces. To best adhere to public health guidelines surrounding healthcare laundry, these organizations should invest in high-quality hospital laundry machines.

Benefits of Hospital Investment in Energy Efficient Clothes Dryers and Laundry Machines

Hospitals have tons of different departments with considerable staffing and resource needs. From the obvious ones like doctors and nurses to the administrative staff, technicians, and custodial staff, there isn’t much leftover in the budget for an internal laundry staff. Thankfully, with investment in hospital laundry machines, stakeholders can create a cost-effective cleaning process that keeps bedding, gowns, and other linens in a clean and safe condition.

The primary benefit of these healthcare laundry machines is that they provide a deep clean to remove stains, spills, and any trace of the previous patient’s presence. The high quality of the washing and drying also means that linens and other reusable materials will last longer, reducing replacement costs. Here are some of the other benefits that hospital staff and administrators will reap from the use of these laundry machines:

  • More efficient laundry services thanks to high-grade equipment
  • Automated control over more aspects of laundering, from steaming to folding
  • 24/7 availability for laundry cleaning
  • Reduced wait time for load turnaround, meaning there’s a reduced chance of linen shortage
  • Conservation of water, electricity, and personnel resources
  • A long-term laundry plan that keeps running costs low and can eventually pay off the investment

Get Your Healthcare Laundry Under Control Today with Hospital Laundry Machines!

Outsourcing the laundry service for hospital linens may seem to be a cost-effective, faster practice, but it reduces the quality of the clean and can lead to unexpected delays and price increases. By investing in industrial-grade, public health-compliant machinery, hospital administrators can reduce the financial and utility burden of deep-cleaning procedures. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also keeps patients and staff safe!

If you’re looking to invest in an energy-efficient clothes dryer or washing machine for a healthcare setting, reach out to the experts at CLM today!