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The Role of CLM in Providing Prison Laundry Solutions

on-premise laundry

People living in close quarters as prisoners are always at a risk of spreading germs. The goal then is to minimize this spread and keep conditions as hygienic as possible. In this attempt, prisons always have a large volume of on-premise laundry (OPL).

What is Consolidated Laundry Machinery or CLM?

OPL doesn’t just mean clothing. It also includes bed sheets, blankets, and towels. If this large volume isn’t cleaned efficiently and quickly, the risk of the spread of germs becomes urgent. Due to this, Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) acts as a great solution. Consolidated Laundry Machine provides OPL laundry equipment and services to prisons on a global scale. This equipment offers prisons quality, durability, and efficiency when it comes to getting their dirty laundry clean.

Benefits of CLM

One of the biggest perks of having CLM installed for prison laundry facilities is how long they will last. Many institution managements will hesitate before investing in CLM. However, CLM dryers will last over thirty decades, providing a trusted, secure system for the prison environment. When compared to shelling out monthly, weekly, or even daily money to outsource laundry service, CLM ends up as the more cost-effective option.

Other benefits of CML’s OPL laundry equipment that prison laundries enjoy are:

  • Standard coated panels are fairly prone to abrasions. CLM’s laundry equipment’s panels are ceramic coated, making them far more resistant.
  • Panels are also very easy to remove. This makes the process of cleaning much more efficient.
  • The ceramic-coated basket panels are removable, so the plastics don’t stick to the basket. Airflow can be reduced, which increases drying time and energy use if this is not prevented.

More general benefits of having CLM installed are:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly

In prisons, inmates will often work the laundry equipment themselves. So the on-premise laundry equipment needs to guarantee ease and safety. CLM OPL equipment comes with lock-out safety features, automatic chemical injection, and programmable controls. These features assure safety. Along with that, the equipment is also easy to maintain and use.

Installing CLM laundry equipment eliminates the frequent charges of outsourcing laundry service. It also saves cost in other ways – it has the latest energy-saving features. These features reduce the overall consumption of water and natural gas.

Ultimately, the utility costs are significantly reduced. There are also environmentally friendly options available, namely The Tumble Green dryer series. This series offers the same perks as the standard dryers along with being environmentally efficient.

Prisons can face quite the challenge when figuring out the best possible situation to deal with their dirty laundry. Consolidated Laundry Machinery has the experience to offer you the proper guidance, so contact us today!