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Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Laundry Equipment Parts

laundry equipment parts

On-premise laundry is not a light investment. After a business or institution has invested in one, the focus should be its maintenance. When it is well taken care of, it can last reliably for a long time. But wear and tear is common with machines that will be used regularly. The best and only option of lengthening the lifespan of laundry equipment parts is to carry out preventative measures. The biggest one is regular maintenance.

Ways to Increase Lifespan of Laundry Equipment Parts

Commercial and industrial laundry equipment need strictly regular maintenance due to the high frequency of loads they have to wash. What might seem like a minor bug that’s easy to ignore can turn into a significant problem in the long run. Maintenance will avoid the road to expensive repairs and replacements. It will also decrease machine downtime. Some ways to achieve this are:

  • Going through the manual or instruction guide
  • Ensuring regular inspections
  • Plan out a schedule and stick to it
  • Document the use of the equipment
  • Keep the exterior of the laundry equipment clean
  • Keep equipment doors open when it’s not in use
  • Clean out lint in traps after each load
  • Every hose and seal needs to be checked often
  • Keep expert help at the ready

How to Take Better Care of Your Laundry Equipment

Both commercial and industrial washers and dryers have become increasingly technologically advanced. Industrial and commercial laundry equipment parts have advanced controls and components that need additional advice and guidance. All of this advice is included in the manual. Reading through the manual will offer a good idea about how to go about taking care of the machine. Issues can be more immediately noticed, no matter how small. A regular inspection will help bring attention to it before bad turns to worse.

With daily, often rough use, the machine is likely to be in need of cleaning often. Based on how frequently it is used, setting up a schedule of how often it should be cleaned, both inside and out, will reduce the risk of forgetfulness. Cleaning is a crucial maintenance requirement, and sticking to a schedule will ensure it is regularly done as required. All things found during inspections and cleanings should be noted down. This will be very helpful in the future if experts need to get involved.

When equipment is not in use by anyone, keep the doors open so the dryers can cool off. This will make sure laundry is cleaned efficiently, and moisture inside the laundry machines is aired out. Great problems like leakage and corrosion can also be avoided. Another mistake that can cause major problems like overheating and fires is letting the lint traps pile up without cleaning them out. This is something that needs to be checked at least twice daily. Your inspection checklist should also include checking the inlet and outlet hoses and seals of dryers and washers. Hoses may get overloaded, and seals are prone to weakening, both of which lead to leaks. Replacement of seals and hoses as necessary is important.

Lastly, a wise person knows when it’s time to ask for help. If your machines are struggling and you’re unable to figure out why reach out to experienced professionals for help! Contact Consolidated Laundry Machinery to learn more about how to take care of your equipment!