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Top 5 Facilities That Should Have On-Site Laundry

on premise laundry

Does your organization entirely depend on a fresh supply of laundry and linens? Then you may require an on-premise laundry service, and you can get in touch with reliable laundry equipment manufacturers to help you get started. Operating a rather successful OPL is more than investing in OPL laundry equipment. It takes a lot of experience, which a reliable parts manufacturer can help with.

Take a look at these top facilities that should utilize OPL equipment


State prisons need OPL, and they need it badly. Most government establishments such as prisons have limited funds in place and need to make the most of what they have. Outsourcing laundry can be very expensive, but having an on-site laundry facility can be money-saving down the line.


All the top hotels in your country are in dire need of a full line of washer-extractors, tumble dryers, and flatwork finishers to keep themselves afloat and their customers always happy. They can invest in CLMO’s durable machines available in various load capacities to industrial-sized machines. These machines are made with the most cutting-edge technology and come with energy-saving features that can benefit organizations down the line.

Fire Station & Public Safety

Fire departments and stations need on-premise laundry systems to lower costs, stay on their budgets, and maximize the grant dollars available to them. Government facilities require unique on-site laundry services, and as such, it is always preferred that individuals call in advance to schedule a meeting about it.

Salons and Spas

Most successful spas understand the importance of having an abundant supply of fresh, clean, soft, and fluffy towels. Not only are they responsible for keeping the standard of cleanliness up there, but they are also responsible for making the customers happy at all times. These salons and spas are in dire need of an on-premise laundry service so they can cut back on cost and still have everything they need to remain up and running at all times without having to invest in new towels every week constantly.

Veterinary Clinic

Establishments that deal with animal care need on-premise laundry solutions in the form of commercial-grade washers and dryers capable of handling linens, blankets, towels, scrubs, and everything used to keep the standard of care up. What they can do is invest in space-saving commercial stacked washers and dryers to maximize the floor space they have.

Are you interested in learning more about the facilities that should have an on-site laundry service and see if you qualify? CLMCO provides you with quality dryer parts to get started. Reach out to us for more information now.