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Why Businesses Should Invest in an On-Premise Laundry Solution

on-premises laundry equipment

Whether you’re a business owner that uses commercial or rental laundry services, or you’re an entrepreneur weighing the advantages and the disadvantages of on-site and off-site laundry services, the following guide will help you decide which of the two is a better option. We believe there are several benefits of OPL equipment that are not shared by commercial and rental laundry services. On-premise laundry primarily benefits a business in three areas:

  • Saving costs
  • Turnaround time
  • Quality control

Let’s take a look at each of these areas briefly.

Saving Costs

OPL laundry equipment can cut up to 40 percent of a business’s laundry costs. The idea behind saving costs through on-premise laundry is simple. The more laundry your business produces in a week, the more you will save up on the costs spent on commercial or rental laundry.

Now, small to medium enterprises may hesitate to invest in an on-site laundry solution because the initial cost of buying OPL equipment may seem a lot. But SMEs must keep the bigger picture in mind. Moreover, they can either lease or finance the equipment required to set up an in-house laundry solution. This way, they can save up money from day one.

Turnaround Time

On-site laundry is much more flexible. You can designate two days a week as laundry days and change that anytime you want. You can follow the trial-and-error method until you find the mechanisms that fit your company’s needs best. But most importantly, you can save up on the time and money spent on picking up and dropping off the laundry at an off-site laundry service every week. To simply pick up and drop off a huge stock, you will need to outsource a pick-up service, which means more money, time, and less flexibility.

Quality Control

An in-house laundry solution will also mean complete control over the quality. You can choose a detergent of your liking, choose the water temperature and the number of cycles that suit your linen best, and this way, increase the life of your linen.

Furthermore, you can choose the OPL laundry equipment that suits your needs. For instance, healthcare facilities need to make sure that the strictest hygiene standards are followed. This is so they can have a barrier washer that stops the spread of micro-organisms and infections. Similarly, you can choose OPL equipment that caters to your business needs.

On-premise laundry equipment has multiple applications. If you’re looking for further information to weigh your options, CLMCO has various choices you can check out. Visit our website or contact us for further information on the products and services we offer!