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Why Choose the On-Premise Laundry Option Over Outsourcing it?

OPL laundry equipment

Laundry is a chore that’s more of an afterthought than a real concern for most of us. But it can be an essential decision for businesses in the hospitality or service sector. Many businesses choose to outsource this service. Outsourcing might seem like the most cost-effective decision at the moment, but it ends up being costly in the long run. Having OPL laundry equipment installed is an investment that can end up saving businesses a lot of grief.

Save Costs

Businesses are often under the misconception that not investing in a dedicated space on-premise saves them a significant investment. On the contrary, an on-premise laundry service can cut many of a business’ costs:

  • The recurring cost of outsourcing your laundry service
  • Delivery charges
  • Service charges

These costs add up. Over time, a business ends up spending more on laundry services in a moment’s attempt to avoid an investment.

Increase Efficiency

An on-premise laundry is a game-changer for businesses that have customers’ laundry to take care of. It allows for greater convenience for both the customers and the business. Having it on-premise means customers can make use of the laundry service at any and all times. This also raises the level of service for a business in the hospitality sector.

Apart from the hospitality sector, another example where an on-premise laundry would provide greater ease is a prison. This is where clothes are made from less than the highest fabric quality and require more frequent washes. As a result, prison laundry can become unwearable more quickly. When prisons control choosing the chemicals that wash their dirty laundry, they can choose what would preserve their clothes for longer.

Having a laundry service on-premise also means greater control over factors such as detergent choice and the wash’s quality. A business choosing to outsource its laundry service relinquish control in these areas. In addition to these areas, they are also forced to stick to the timetable of the outsourced laundry service. Often, this means allocating space on the business’ premise where dirty laundry can be kept until it’s ready to be washed. This space can be used to build an on-premise laundry instead!

Make Profits

Whether it’s by cutting the extra costs of outsourcing, or a business’ customers paying for an on-premise service, businesses can start making profits from their decision to go for an on-premise laundry. An upfront investment can scare a lot of businesses away from the decision. However, the eventual payoffs will prove to be worth it. For businesses where customers require a laundry service, an on-premise laundry can serve as another income stream.

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