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Why Conveyors are Important for a Laundry Business?

shuttle conveyors

Conveyor systems are machines that help assemble or transport different kinds of material with minimal effort overall. There are various types of conveyor systems available for laundry businesses to choose from. They comprise of different rollers, wheels, or belts, on which the material can move from Point A to Point B.

Material handling conveyors specifically come in a diverse variety, and the choice is entirely dependent on the organization that requires it based on the material that will be transported.Organizations need to be mindful of the following when choosing consolidated laundry equipment.

  • Load capacity per unit length
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Conveyor belt system speed/ conveyor belt rated speed
  •  Throughput
  • Frame configuration
  • Drive location

Shuttle Conveyors

CLMCO’s shuttle conveyors are either manual, semi-automated, or fully automated. The type of shuttle conveyor you choose is entirely up to you. These fascinating machines have the capability of communicating with any washer system to offer customers effortless wash aisle integration services.

Reliable Services

When you are investing in shuttle conveyors for a laundry business, you want to make sure that you get the ultimate material handling technology or the money you pay is simply not worth it at all. What you need is a material handling system that offers efficient loading and unloading in your washroom equipment, which is something you can achieve with CLMCO’s shuttle conveyors for your laundry business.

Diverse Variety

Our shuttle conveyors are available for you to choose from and come in various capabilities. Our basic conveyor system comes with all the necessary controls that you need to automate and integrate into your laundry room. Once you have installed CLMCO’s shuttle conveyor into your laundry room, it will be traversed and have the ability to unload multiple washer-extractors and load several dryers. This will reduce the workload on your team and reduce the chances of any workplace injuries happening because, after all, the safety of your workers is a priority.


The control options you choose for your shuttle conveyor are dependent on you. You can opt for manual controls, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic controls. Our shuttle conveyors are smart enough to integrate and interface with the controls of your existing washer-extractors. They can offer you fully-automated operations when it comes to your loading and unloading systems in your laundry business.

Do you still have questions? It’s only natural. Reach out to one of our shuttle conveyor experts at CLMCO and find out the information you need to get started on your very own shuttle conveyor for your laundry business needs. Contact us today!