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Why Removable Ceramic-Coated Panels Are Changing the Game in On-Premise Prison Laundries


Managing an efficient on-premise laundry (OPL) system in a prison environment is crucial yet challenging. The need for durability, safety, and efficiency can’t be overstated. Enter removable ceramic-coated panels—a game-changer in the world of prison laundries. The introduction of this technology is revolutionizing the way we think about OPL equipment.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Dryer Panels

While traditional dryer panels have served us well for years, they have limitations. Some of the issues include:

  • Frequent wear and tear
  • Inefficiency in heat distribution
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Potential safety risks due to overheating

What Are Ceramic-Coated Panels?

Ceramic-coated panels are engineered to offer a robust and efficient laundry solution. The ceramic coating acts as an excellent heat conductor, distributing the heat evenly across the drum. These panels also resist chipping and cracking, making them ideal for a high-turnover environment like on-premise laundry in prisons.

The Advantages of Removable Ceramic-Coated Panels

When it comes to OPL laundry equipment, ceramic-coated panels offer several advantages:

  • Easy to remove and clean, reducing maintenance time
  • Better heat distribution for more efficient drying
  • Increased durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements

Energy Efficiency and Ceramic-Coated Panels

Traditional panels often require higher energy consumption due to uneven heat distribution. On the other hand, ceramic-coated panels are incredibly energy-efficient. They optimize heat use, saving energy and, by extension, cutting down operational costs—a critical factor for any on-premise laundry system.

Impact on Drying Time: A Performance Comparison

Efficient drying is vital for any prison laundry. Traditional panels often require more time to get the job done. In contrast, ceramic-coated panels have shown to reduce drying time by up to 25%, making the whole OPL process more efficient.

Safety and Durability: Long-Term Benefits

Safety is paramount, especially in a setting as specific as a prison. Ceramic-coated panels offer improved safety features, such as lower chances of overheating. Additionally, they are far more durable than their traditional counterparts, standing up to daily use without compromising performance.


In a world where efficiency, durability, and safety are non-negotiable, ceramic-coated panels offer an invaluable solution. They address the shortcomings of traditional dryer panels in on-premise laundry systems, presenting a revolutionary option for the industry. As we move forward, it’s clear that ceramic-coated panels are not just a trend but a sustainable, long-term solution. If you’re looking to upgrade your prison’s laundry system with top-of-the-line OPL equipment, look no further than CLM. With our focus on quality and innovation, we provide you with the best solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us now!