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Why the Healthcare Sector Should Use CLM Dryers

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Medical providers should make healthcare laundry an investment priority to try and cut out unnecessary costs. Going to an outside source to clean laundry can be time-consuming and expensive for all involved. It’s wise to have some solid in-house options to boost your healthcare space and make it safer for employees and patients alike. After all, safety should always be the biggest focus for any outlet responsible for improving the quality of life for people from all walks of life.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) provides hospitals with single and two-door pass-through tumble dryers that ensure clothes are ready for use in the soonest possible time. Whether they are steam-heated or use gas, these dryers are available in various capacities, up to 1200 lbs, to be exact. What is it about an energy-efficient clothes dryer that benefits hospitals across the board?

Strong and Safe Material

CLM dryers come with removable panels that are coated with ceramic material. This material ensures that plastic never sticks to the basket, ensuring that airflow isn’t restricted and clothes dry faster. Without moving the plastic, you’re stuck with clothes that have some amount of dampness, and you’re using up more energy, inflating your energy bills along the way.

Furthermore, the ceramic material in energy-efficient hospital laundry machines like these holds up well against abrasion, significantly better than Teflon coatings.

Simplified Controls and Reducing Emissions

All models of CLM dryers are easy to use, featuring simple control panels that include colored touch screens and controls that regulate fuel usage, among other aspects.

Additionally, these hospital laundry machines have auto dry features that allow healthcare operators to terminate heat cycles at the right times successfully. Auto dry features are financially beneficial to healthcare units as they will see reduced cycle times as well as benefit from energy savings.

Furthermore, an energy-efficient clothes dryer like a CLM dryer will help you to reduce emissions, making sure your healthcare facility is as environmentally friendly as it can be. Furthermore, you won’t be putting noise pollution into the atmosphere as CLM dryers typically feature high and low-frequency sounds. This way, you can do your washing job successfully without bothering people.

With CLM dryers, you can control the amount of energy necessary to calculate heat cycle finish points. This goes beyond the usual temperature comparisons that come with alternative dryers. CLM dryers allow you to keep a handle on various features, improving your productivity levels and drying clothes without risking damage or putting your surroundings at risk.

Investing in an energy-efficient clothes dryer will make your hospital more sustainable and help you become a leader in healthcare laundry.