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Commercial Tumble Green Dryers

Available in All Dryer Models

The Tumble Green series is CLM’s newest addition to the product line.  Available in all the same models and sizes as CLM’s standard gas-heated dryers, Tumble Green incorporates a Low NOx burner as standard equipment, making these dryers highly efficient, while generating low emissions.  Because these dryers proudly wear the Tumble Green logo, your commitment to the environment is visible to visiting customers and to local regulatory agencies.

Dryer Case Studies

The 165TG footprint matches discontinued Challenge dryers.

Available in a Compact Footprint

The 165TG is the perfect size for replacing your existing older dryer models. When com­paring to the discontinued Challenge CPG400 model, the 165TG advantages are many, and our new footprint is virtually identical.

Tumble Green Package Features

  • Low Nox burner
  • Insulated outside air makeup ducting
  • High angle tilt
  • Two-stage variable speed basket drive with 3-port door and soft start.

Not sure about Low NOx for your plant? No problem, we can provide the same high-end burn without the low NOx feature.

Two-stage variable speed basket drive

Tumble Green’s component saving basket drive with soft-start will now be updated to give full variable speed control to basket rotation. This standard feature on our Tumble Green models allows users to adjust the basket speed to obtain the cor­rect material drop through the basket center.


Two-stage variable speed drive is standard.

Stage 1: Basket rotation speed can be programmed for products of varying weights.

Lighter goods tend to rotate over the top, while heavy products tend to roll over at the bottom. In either case, the air has less of a chance to penetrate the goods. A slightly lower basket speed may be necessary for lighter goods, while a quicker speed may work best for heavy products.

Stage 2: A rotation speed change during the cycle prevents lighter goods from clinging to the inner basket as they become dry.

After the bulk of the moisture is removed, the formula allows a second change in speed. This second step enables the user to make an adjustment to slow the basket, since goods with less moisture are lighter and may tend to cling to the basket top, instead of dropping when they should. To view the material drop, a unique door glass design allows for material drop inspection.


Tumble Green's user-friendly touch screen.

Outside air makeup

The new Tumble Green design includes full ducting around the burner area for a simple inlet con­nection to obtain air from outside of the build­ing. This ducting is wholly insulated with our new EnerClad insulation for a high-level re­duction in sound and ambient heat.

EnerClad includes a heavy layer of a special woven insulation wrapped with a vapor barrier that has zero permeability. This com­bination cuts out both low and high frequency sounds while reducing radiant heat levels, all with a very professional finish.

PDF 165 TG Dryer Specifications.

For Information and Specifications on other Tumble Green models and sizes, please contact CLM directly.

PDF165 TG Technical Drawings