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Admiral Linen Opens 2 New Plants, Purchases 8 New CLM Dryers

In 2013, Admiral Linen’s Fort Worth and Houston, Texas plants added new CLM Model 165GP gas fired dryers to their wash aisles. Since that time, Admiral has opened 2 new plants in and added 8 new CLM Model 165 gas fired dryers.

Admiral Linens

"Admiral's satisfaction with our Model 165s as Challenge replacements made them the obvious choice for the new plants,” said CLM president, Martin Pharis. “Reliability and cost-effectiveness have long been hallmarks of the CLM brand. But CLM also delivers technology that no one else offers, including a fully integrated production management system."

A former Challenge dryer buyer, Admiral Linen chose CLM industrial dryers due to their high-end productivity and efficiency, robust construction and small footprint. The 165GP’s flexible design allows Admiral Linen to select the best dryer configuration, features and controls to meet their specific installation and application requirements.

The 165GP design offers much more than the Challenge Pacesetter, including a larger basket volume, smaller footprint, more accurate fuel control and the new TumbleGreen™ burner with improved turndown ratio and lower NOx emissions. CLM industrial dryers also give full access to the drive system and support rollers, front and rear, without the need to work under the dryer or to remove the front and rear faceplates. Further, no burner “heat balance” is required to maintain balanced temperatures within the drying chamber, which is required for dryers that use the Challenge-style airflow system.

The CLM LT400 stainless steel lint collector is also part of the Admiral configuration. This efficient dry-type collector is an integral part of the dryer with no added utility connections required. The LT400 comes complete with its own air accumulator tank (mounted on the dryer) and safety water spray system. A lint collection bag hangs above the ground, so removal and replacement of the bag does not require bending or stooping.

"CLM is pleased to have a new relationship with Admiral Linen and Uniform Service, and we look forward to supporting them as they work to improve their drying processes," said Pharis. CLM industrial dryers for specialized markets are efficient, easy to operate and available in 250-lb, 350-lb, 450-lb, 600-lb, 800-lb and 1200-lb capacities. Low NOx versions are also available in all sizes. For more information, call us at 323-232-2417.