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High-output CLM SPF-1 Towel Folder

Intended for high-speed folding and occupying minimal floor space, Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM’s) SPF-1 Towel Folder is ideal for high-output plants.

towel folding machine

CLM towel folders can help increase your plant’s productivity.

automatic laundry folding machine


  • PLC Touchscreen HMI - up to 16 programmable formulas
  • Heavy Duty, durable construction
  • Capable of folding faster than your operators can feed
  • Accurate, automatic item measurement

The CLM SPF-1 design is simple and silent when compared to competitive products. It uses mechanical and pinch-roll folding techniques to French-fold faster than your operators can feed.

To install the advanced CLM SPF-1 towel folder, simply wheel it into your plant on its heavy duty locking casters, hook it up to your electrical and air supplies and it is immediately ready to be put to work.

Our sophisticated PLC control features a vivid touchscreen display that is easy to program and to operate. Items are automatically measured, French folded and stacked to a pre-determined quantity and desired fold width.

Since 1983, CLM has focused on building high-quality durable dryers and other outstanding wash aisle equipment - known for heavy-duty, high-efficiency and high-productivity output.

If you’re ready to increase the speed, qual­ity and reliability of your folding department, please submit our website contact form, call CLM direct at (323) 232-2417, or contact your local CLM dealer and put the high production SPF-1 to work for you.

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