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The History of CLM

Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) was started in Los Angeles, CA, in 1962 as a supplier of quality rebuilt and used industrial laundry equipment. In 1983, CLM purchased Grantham Dryer Company and became an industrial dryer manufacturer as well.  Soon thereafter, CLM expanded its business again, this time to manufacture other industrial laundry equipment, including mat rollers, shuttles, folders, spreaders, feeders and other equipment.

CLM has been a leading industrial dryer manufacturer since 1983, continuously providing the industry’s highest quality and most efficiency large-scale industrial dryers.

CLM’s dryers are in use worldwide in companies ranging from apparel manufacturers and industrial launderers to hotels, hospitals, prisons and other types of institutions.  

While the manufacture of industrial dryers remains its core focus, CLM continues a strong business in refurbishing dryers as well as providing parts and service to industrial laundry customers.   
In 2000, CLM introduced a low NOx version, available in all sizes of its dryer models.

In 2010 launched a new size, the 165. This 450 lb dryer is designed to fit perfectly in the footprint of the Challenge dryer.  Also in 2010, CLM expanded its parts and service departments and currently offers upgrading and refurbishing of CLM dryers at the customers site.

In 2011, CLM moved its headquarters to Pomona, CA, to accommodate its growth.