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What Happens When Your Lint Filters are irregularly cleaned?

August 15, 2018

Not all dryers are created equal and while some are far superior to others, they all share one common annoyance: The lint trap. While it is more or less common knowledge that this area needs to be taken care of, you'd be surprised at how many businesses neglect cleaning their lint collector.

While it may be tempting to leave the lint collector alone for too long, remember, this will have a negative effect on your dryer’s health and also a large impact on the size of your energy bill.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Lint Trap

There are a host of ways that leaving lint within your dryer can have a negative effect on its overall health. Most notably, the lint that gets stuck in your dryer's motor will cause it to have to work much harder. This can properly be resolved sometimes with a better more powerful industrial dryer lint collector. This will cause parts to work even harder and thus wear out more quickly. Additionally, it will cause your unit to need more power to run, costing you extra on utility fees.

Secondly, since the motor is working slower, it takes longer to dry wet items. For most laundries, shaving a few minutes off the drying cycle can mean significant savings. Finally, since the dryer must run longer, you are using more energy. This translates into a more expensive electric or gas bill. Imagine erasing charges from your bill as you clear out that lint. This issues can be very costly for industrial lint collector.

Additionally, since your motor is now working slower, it takes longer, and possibly more cycles, to get the textiles fully dry. This means you’re running it twice as long in some cases, which equates to twice the costs. This can be very costly.

It is important to understand how crucial it is that the lint trap be effectively clean every time you use it. The above reasons should be more than enough to take the few minutes it requires to accomplish this simple task. Once you make cleaning your lint trap into a standard procedure, savings can be achieved.

At the end of the day, using a good lint collector will make all the difference. Consider getting one that works best for your industrial lint collector system, you can see what options are available and speak to someone here.

The Rise of the Energy-Efficient Industrial Dryer: Competition and Differentiation

March 28, 2018

There has been a huge shift in culture over recent years. Many industries have come to value energy efficient devices over the traditional alternatives. From hybrid vehicles to solar powered homes, people are constantly looking to save both the environment and their own wallet with energy efficient means for numerous reasons.

On a home scale, laundry contributes a significant among of negative emissions to the environment. One study determined that a single load of residential laundry could release more than 700,000 harmful microfibers into the air. This greatly contributes to a person’s general carbon footprint. Imagine what it can contribute on an industrial scale.

Because of this, environmental friendly operations and motives have entered into the world of professional laundries as professionals and managers of all industries are seeking ways to decrease their environmental footprint. In recent years, even the operations of professional laundry has entered the game with energy-efficient industrial dryers. What exactly does that mean for the laundry industry?


Over the years, there have been a variety of eco-friendly dryers released for commercial use. Many environmentalists even recommend homeowners forego a dryer all together and opt for the energy efficient option of a clothes line. However, anyone in a business that requires an industrial sized dryer knows that time does not allow for the natural process of drying textiles.

Competition in the realm of environmental-friendly industrial dryers is relatively small. Many industries are forced to use less efficient non-industrial options instead. While the environmental impact with this option is better than a standard gas-heated dryer, it will likely be far less sufficient for industrial level jobs.


Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLMCO), competes with these other industries by offering a low NOx option in the environmental friendly race called Commercial Tumble Green Dryers. They are available in all of the same sizes as the company’s other models, they just incorporate a low NOx burner as standard equipment in the machines making them both highly efficient and environmentally friendly, This change in the product allows it to generate low emissions. They are approved for the Tumble Green Logo, making them a key player in your company’s commitment to protecting the environment. Along with the low NOx burner, this energy efficient clothes dryer also comes equipped with insulated outside air makeup ducting, high angle tilt, and a two-stage variable speed basket drive with a 3-port door and soft start, making it the most efficient eco-friendly industrial clothes dryer on the market.

You do not have to sacrifice quality or efficiency in order to be environmentally friendly. With new innovations in the field, you can still get a quality energy efficient industrial dryer that will work as well as your other dryer with less of a negative environmental impact.

How Large Capacity Dryers are having an impact on the global market

March 7, 2018

In 2014, the U.S.-based NRDC issued an immediate call for more efficient consumer clothes dryers. With this in mind, all clothes dryers from small to large capacity dryersfound in industrial settings, became a huge focus in the global market. In order to understand the significance of this further, it is important to explore the question: how didindustrial dryer machines become a positive influence?

How did Industrial Dryer Machines become a positive influence?

These large capacity dryers are just beginning to spread outside of America into other countries. It is important to understand that laundry machines, as a whole, are relatively new to many cultures outside of North America. This American necessity was seen as a luxury at one time. Now, large capacity dryers are entering the market around the world. However, as industrial laundry equipment manufacturers become more common, and local industries such as hospitals, hotels, and restaurants continue to grow, these industrial dryers are likely to become much more relevant on the world market.

Save Time and Energy with high efficiency lint collector

February 21, 2018

When it comes to saving time and money, the last place many people think to look is the lint collector for the dryer. Believe it or not, the type of lint collector you are using will go a long way to making a difference in how effectively your dryer works and how often you need to change your industrial lint trap. By utilizing the proper type of lint trap, you'll be able to spend less time drying, which means less energy, and ultimately less money spent.

How can a high efficiency Lint Collector save time?

If your lint collector is full, damaged, or simple of poor quality, it's not doing as good a job as it could be. Lint is created every time you dry clothing or textiles, so if your lint trap isn't collecting it properly, your items will take longer to dry overall. While this might amount to minutes when it comes to some dryers, a poor industrial lint trap can lead to hours lost when everything is taken into account. The more an industrial dryer works, the more often this will become a problem, so businesses that are using them often will find it well worth it to invest in a good lint trap.

How do Industrial Lint Traps save energy?

The answer to this question lies in why they save time. As having a poor lint collector will cause you to need to run a dryer more frequently and for longer periods, you'll be spending more energy to run the dryer for those extra minutes or hours.

How can the Industrial Lint Trip help me save money?

The more time and energy spent on each load, the more money is spent. Everyone knows that energy isn’t free. Energy is very costly, and when you have dryers that are potentially running 24 hours a day, you need them to be efficient and cost-effective. If you’re wasting time and energy due to a poor lint collector, then you are just throwing money away.

At the end of the day, it is well worth the investment in a proper lint trap that is high efficient. The time gained will be valuable, the planet will thank you for saving energy, and your business bank account will thank you even more.

If you're in the market for a high-efficiency lint trap, you can find some of the best deals and options on them here.

The basics of dryer longevity for Hospital Laundries

January 17, 2018

Hygiene is essential to every aspect of hospital care, and hospital laundry machines and dryers play a huge role in necessary hygiene. While many believe that all washers and dryers work the same, there is a vast difference between healthcare laundry equipment and the washer and dryer that might serve some other industry. Not only can this equipment found in hospitals guarantee a better clean, but they can also manage larger loads in order to save healthcare professionals time and money. There are a few key operational features that make industrial dryers uniquely suited as hospital laundry equipment.

Better Heating and Drying Compacity

Industrial level dryers provide rapid heat cycles due to high burner ratings. This allows the machine to function with lower fuel usage. This function is paired with a high-volume airflow in order to increase heating capacity. Essentially what this feature does, it provide full-force airflow across the entire drying area. Both of these features work together to create higher productivity in hospital laundry machines and dryers, meaning hospital sheets, gowns, and pillows can all be dried faster and at optimal temperatures to kill bacteria.

Larger Basket

Another key component that allows an industrial level dryer to perform better in a hospital setting is the larger basket size. This greater volume is essential for the machines overall function as it provides heated air-to-goods access for the material that is being dried. This means that as the materials tumble, there is ample air reaching them to dry in a more efficient manner.

Longer Life

When you choose industrial strength hospital laundry machines and dryers, you will find that the machinery will not only work better, but last much longer. These machines are built to last years and to withstand multiple loads of laundry a day.

Precise Controls

When working with a larger industrial grade machinery, it is easy to be concerned that the device may be difficult to learn. However, high-quality industrial dryers are designed to be completely user friendly. All major functions including the heating, basket rotation, airflow, and overall set up can be controlled with an easily navigated touch-screen display. Many have multiple programmable formulas available to choose from, ensuring your product or quantity, the machine can provide full drying and conditioning functions. For people who prefer to be even less involved in the process, the dryer even offers an option for automatic load and unload function.

If you work in the medical industry, proper hospital laundry machines are a necessity. They can be easy to operate and are necessary in order to get the job completed quickly and efficiently.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery Announces Executive Changes

Pomona, CA – May 4, 2017

Combining lean manufacturing and over 50 years of experience in the industry, Gabriel Camacho and Dave Smith, CLM’s new President and Director of Sales, respectively, have joined forces to innovate wash aisle equipment.

Gabriel Camacho, promoted from Vice President of Operations, has been in manufacturing for over 20 years, and studied lean manufacturing Shingijutsu in Japan. CLM’s owner Jason Farber of Carlin Capital Group said,

"Gabriel Camacho is an experienced and knowledgeable manufacturing executive with a demonstrated track record of success. His proven ability to drive and sustain improvements to product quality and consistency along with a keen focus on providing top-notch customer service fit perfectly with CLM’s goals and objectives.

We believe that our customers, both current and future, as well as our dealers and suppliers all stand to benefit from the things that CLM will accomplish under Gabriel’s leadership.”

Camacho’s philosophy revolves around customer service and satisfaction. He stated, "At every step of the way we want to please customers and let them know they are heard.”

Camacho brings fresh perspective and new concepts to CLM. His objective is to take a former mom and pop business, optimize its product line and turn CLM into the industry leader in wash aisle technology.

Dave Smith, Director of Sales has joined the company to further develop and serve their growing portfolio of dealer/distributor networks and national accounts. With over 30-years of industry experience specifically focused on industrial dryers and high-volume wash-aisle applications, Dave will utilize his experience to promote sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Gabriel Camacho said, "Dave's experience and knowledge of the specific needs of customers will enhance our product development roadmap.”

About Consolidated Laundry Machinery:
Founded in 1961 as supplier of quality used and rebuilt machinery, CLM has focused on building high-quality durable dryers since 1983. Combining “workhorse” reliability with cutting-edge technology, Consolidated Laundry Machinery produces the most cost-effective best-in-class industrial dryers, folders, shuttle conveyors, vacuum feeders and mat rolling systems.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery Introduces New Mat Roller

Los Angeles, CA – March 10, 2017

Two new features – Mats can be rolled with backing up or down; Belts can be controlled automatically or with manual pedal

Known for combining "workhorse" reliability that lasts with cutting-edge technology, Consolidated Laundry Machinery ( has released its two newly improved mat roller models: MTR-1.1 and MTR-2.1 to the market. CLM's equipment is recognized throughout the industry as compact and efficient with a design that improves overall plant safety while increasing productivity.

The MTR-1.1 and MTR-2.1 models come standard with the original automatic mat roller features of prior models. Sophisticated PLC and VFD controls, return-to- feed option, and a seamless main feed belt are known to increase output and safety of mat processing (machines stops when human hand or object nears safety guard).

The two new models offer two new features as well as a customization option. They have the capability of rolling mats with the backing up or down. This unique design prevents mats from being damaged while doing the job twice as fast. The option of switching from automatic mode to manual foot pedal control is also a new feature, giving the operator more control and safety while reducing operator's long and short-term injuries. CLM's mat rollers can be customized with direct-to- cart or return-to- feed discharge.

CLM's president, Gabriel Camacho, said, "In response to customer feedback, we dedicated resources aimed at producing a new and improved version of our already popular automatic mat rolling machine and are pleased at the market's warm response."

Heavy Duty Dryers Meet Specialty Market Requirements

CLM dryers are designed to meet many unique material requirements, including cleanrooms, latex processing and apparel/textile. 

Dryers designed for all cleanroom environments, including Class 1, have electro-polished stainless basket, non-static wheels and low particulate features. Special heat packages come with HEPA filters and pre-filters and heat package and control panel may be mounted on or external to dryer.

For latex, a stainless steel basket, lower plenum and exhaust are constructed with our standard heavy material gauge for long dryer life.  Components are protected with special seals and enclosed motors. Specialized clean-outs allow removal of talc residue that collects at dryer bottom. Polished baskets include customer specified periphery sizes to accommodate any latex product

Apparel/textile dryers are heavy duty and handle a variety of processes, including stone and enzyme work. Circular doors seal to the basket and rotate with it for product safety and non-marking seals further protect product. The Micro-Command III PLC offers accuracy to operate at controlled temperatures and to terminate the heat process at the appropriate times. 

CLM dryers for specialized markets are efficient, easy to operate and available in 250-lb, 350-lb, 450-lb, 600-lb, 800-lb and 1200-lb capacities. Low NOx versions are also available in all sizes. For more information, call us at 323-232-2417.

CLM On-Site Dryer Refurbishing & Upgrading Available

Pomona, CA --- Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) announced  the availability of on-site upgrading and refurbishing services for its dryer customers.

“CLM has a long history of high-quality service, including upgrading and refurbishing services,” said Carolyn Landsperg, vice president and general manager. “Now we’re able to offer these services to our customers at their locations.”

On-site services are a huge advantage to clients. Downtime is lessened dramatically and this new service completely eliminates costly freight charges and rigging. 

Upgrading and refurbishing CLM dryers makes good economic sense. CLM dryers are known for their durability and long-life. Keeping them maintained properly and upgraded lessens replacement costs. And a completely refurbished CLM machine gets a new machine warranty, Landsperg said. CLM will continue to do upgrading and refurbishing at its plant in Pomona, CA, if customers prefer this option.

For additional information on scheduling and pricing, contact CLM at 323-232-2417 or

Multilingual Controls Now Available on Consolidated Dryers

Los Angeles, CA.  Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) announced today that its PLC controls are now available in three languages, on the same machine: English, French and Spanish.

 “In response to requests from our local and international customers, CLM has added this multilingual capability to all our models that have the MCIII controls,” said Carolyn Landsperg, vice president and general manager.  “The ability to easily switch back and forth between languages is a big advantage for our customers with multilingual staffs.

This is just the most recent innovation from CLM. A low NOx dryer, TumbleGreen™ was added to the dryer line within the past few months. “We’ve got more add-ons and advancements coming soon,” Landsperg said.

About Consolidated Laundry Machinery

CLM has focused on building high-quality, durable dryers since its founding in 1983.  Known for its heavy-duty, high-efficiency and high-productivity equipment, CLM is currently focused on low emissions for a more environmentally friendly wash aisle.  CLM’s customers are located worldwide and range from apparel manufacturers and industrial launderers to hotels, hospitals and other institution types.  CLM cements its high-quality reputation by providing ongoing parts and dependable responsive service support.

CLM is the only U.S. dryer manufacturer dedicated 100% to manufacturing industrial grade laundry tumblers.  CLM’s recently moved their corporate offices and manufacturing to larger facilities in Pomona, California. 

Gabriel Camacho
Consolidated Laundry Machinery
211 Erie St.
Pomona, CA 91768
T: 323-232-2417

Consolidated Laundry Expands to New Facilities in Pomona, California

Los Angeles, CA.  Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) announced today that the company will move its corporate headquarters, parts department and manufacturing facility to Pomona, CA on May 1st.

The new facility is located at 211 Erie St., Pomona, CA 91768-3378.  The company’s general phone and fax numbers will remain the same.

CLMCO New Office

“The new building is necessary to accommodate our expanding business,” said Carolyn Landsperg, vice president and general manager. “It’s larger and more modern than our current location in Los Angeles.”

“CLM is undergoing a revitalization with new products, a new website and an expansion of our distribution and our staff,” Landsperg said.  “This is an exciting time in our development and are looking forward to making this move, which will enhance our growth.”

CLM signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Allied Laundry Lines at the end of 2010 to sell and support CLM’s full line of industrial dryers. CLM customers now have more accessibility to products, parts and service locally.

About Consolidated Laundry Machinery

CLM has focused on building high-quality, durable dryers since its founding in 1983.  Known for its heavy-duty, high-efficiency and high-productivity equipment, CLM is currently focused on low emissions for a more environmentally friendly wash aisle.  CLM’s customers are located worldwide and range from apparel manufacturers and industrial launderers to hotels, hospitals and other institution types.  CLM cements its high-quality reputation by providing ongoing parts and dependable responsive service support.

CLM is the only U.S. dryer manufacturer dedicated 100% to manufacturing industrial grade laundry tumblers.  CLM’s corporate offices and manufacturing are located in Pomona, California. 

CLM offers Two-Stage Variable Speed Basket Drive

New dryer option maximizes dryer efficiency for a wide range of goods

Los Angeles, CA--Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) announces the availability of a new two-stage basket drive that is available for all its dryer models. 

The two-stage basket drive allows the operator to set the basket rotation speed, by program, for the best material drop for each product.  A second-stage speed setting permits a reduction in speed after most of the moisture is removed, so the lighter goods don’t over rotate away from the proper drop location, later in the cycle.

When the goods fall in the correct location, the air-to-goods access is at its best.  As an example, with heavy blankets that are rolling in a pile at the bottom of the basket, air has little chance to get into the material. The new two-stage basket drive allows an increase in speed that permits better lift and drop.  A reduction in rotation speed would help with very light goods, which tend to carry over the basket top, especially when they are getting dry.   

In addition, CLM has added 3 view ports to the dryer load door to permit inspection of the load drop during operation.  This feature allows CLM to maintain the benefits of its rotating door, which includes safety for the tumbling products and a good door-to-basket air seal.

The new drive also includes a soft start for basket start-up and basket reversing.  This feature ensures the long life of the drive components (a large benefit for roller life) and it is easy on the door, allowing it to keep in step with the speed and direction changes. 

The two-stage variable speed option is available on all new CLM dryers, including the new Tumble Green Series of Low NOx dryers. 

Consolidated Laundry Machinery Company, based in Los Angeles, CA, was founded in 1962 and acquired Grantham Dryer Company in 1983. The company manufactures high-quality industrial dryers, conveyors, folders and finishing equipment.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery Acquired by Carlin Capital Partners

Premier industrial dryer manufacturer positions itself for growth.

Los Angeles, CA---Carlin Capital Partners (CCP) announced today that it has acquired Consolidated Laundry Machinery Co. (CLM) from its President and Founder,  Leonard Bernstein.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

CLM is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade dryers and related finishing equipment, primarily serving the textile services industry. Founded in 1962, the company has continuously provided its global customer base with the industry’s highest quality and most efficient large-scale dryers.

“We are excited to be able to give CLM the resources it needs to achieve meaningful growth and better serve its customers,” said Jason Farber, Principal of CCP. “CLM already has an excellent reputation for the quality and efficiency of its products and we want to build upon that reputation to provide even better products and customer service.”

Carolyn Landsperg, Vice President and General Manager and an 18-year veteran of CLM, succeeds Leonard Bernstein as CLM’s most senior executive.  Bernstein, who founded the company in 1962, is retiring but will remain with CLM as a consultant.

“CCP brings a level of financial resources, experience and strategic vision that, when coupled with our existing strengths in product design and support, will make us a truly first class customer-focused organization.  I am excited about the next chapter in CLM’s life,” Landsperg said.

Consolidated Laundry Machinery Company was founded by Leonard Bernstein in 1962 and acquired Grantham Dryer Company in 1983. The company manufactures high-quality industrial dryers, conveyors, folders and finishing equipment.

Carlin Capital Partners is a private investment firm focused on acquiring or making control-oriented investments in established small and micro-market businesses with the potential for meaningful growth. Carlin Capital works closely with management, leveraging its experience and expertise in operations, finance and M&A, to help position a business for long-term success.

Jason Farber, Principal
Carlin Capital Partners
15760 Ventura Blvd., 7th Floor
Encino, CA 91436
T: 818-379-1133