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Industrial Laundry Equipment Manufacturers

At Consolidated Laundry Machinery, we manufacture reliable, cost-effective industrial dryers and industrial laundry equipment that help you make money and not burden you with downtime, inefficiencies or costly repairs. Since 1983, our company's mission is to build the best industrial laundry equipment available that will last you for years down the road. And nothing is more representative of these facts than our line of Consolidated dryers. Simply stated, our industrial dryer dries more goods, faster, for less money.

Industrial Dryers in California

CLM Equipment Qualifies for Tax Incentive Program

Pomona, CA, October 1, 2014—For 2014,  IRS tax code Section 179 has been restored to its original limits of $25,000 plus an adjustment for inflation.   "That means that through the end of 2014, CLM customers purchasing new and used dryers, or any capital equipment, can receive up to $25,000 in tax deductions, said Martin Pharis, President of CLM. "This government incentive allows businesses to deduct a certain amount of the purchase price resulting in significant savings on the bottom line." 

While a drop from limits in 2013, which were increased by the 'American Taxpayer Relief Act', "this is a great opportunity for companies to see a direct impact on their bottom line when preparing their business taxes," Pharis said.  The equipment must be placed in service this year in order to receive the 2014 deduction.

Be sure to consult with your tax advisor for more information.

Industrial Dryers in California

CLM Accepted to Made in CA Program

An All-American company, CLM is also proud to be a native Californian. As such, we have joined the Made in CA program, which recognizes manufacturers who produce products within the State and who contribute to the growth of the economy, are involved in continuous improvement, strive to create jobs and growth their business.

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Industrial Dryers for Admiral Linen

Admiral Linen Opens 2 New Plants, Purchases 8 New CLM Dryers

In 2013, Admiral Linen’s Fort Worth and Houston, Texas plants added new CLM Model 165GP gas fired dryers to their wash aisles. Since that time, Admiral has opened 2 new plants in and added 8 new CLM Model 165 gas fired dryers.

"Admiral's satisfaction with our Model 165s as Challenge replacements made them the obvious choice for the new plants,” said CLM president, Martin Pharis. “Reliability and cost-effectiveness have long been hallmarks of the CLM brand. But CLM also delivers technology that no one else offers, including a fully integrated production management system."

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American Laundry

Goodwill Selects CLM for its Fresh Start Plant

When Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado’s Fresh Start laundry in Colorado Springs installed their new tunnel system to work in conjunction with existing stand alone washers, they selected three new 165 GP 450-lb high efficiency dryers to compliment their wash aisle.

While CLM dryers could have handled automation via a shuttle conveyor, Fresh Start decided to bring sling loads to the pass-through dryers—using the large doors and high-angle tilt to manually load, then discharge to carts in the rear.

CLM’s 165 GP dryers have the technological flexibility to communicate with any industrial washer and a flexible design that allows the configuration to individual laundry layouts and drying processes.  The full line of CLM’s dryers offers the same degree of flexibility.

The entire story behind the Fresh Start’s hybrid tunnel design can be read online at American Laundry News.

The entire story behind the Fresh Start’s hybrid tunnel design can be read online at American Laundry News.


CSA Approval Now Available

CLM’s dryers are now available with CSA approval for Canada and the U.S. For more information on CSA approval for your next dryer, contact us at 323-232-2417.

Industrial Custom Dryers

Flexibility to Fit Your Space

We know that every plant is slightly different, and dryer configurations need to be flexible. CLM’s entire line of dryers can be configured to meet the installation and requirements for each customer. Whether it’s one or two doors, exhaust positioned front or rear, control panel left or right, or a particular lint collector position, we can meet your needs. Every dryer model is also available with either the MicroCommand III or Softrol.

Industrial Dryers

Cross-Axis Airflow for Best Drying Results

Cross-axis airflow is one of the important standard features in CLM’s dryers. Unlike other industrial dryers, the cross-axis airflow method brings dry hot air into the basket in a continuous jet stream from front to back, moving from top to bottom for the best air-to-goods penetration. This makes drying more efficient resulting in quicker drying times, lower energy costs and more uniform drying.

When combined with CLM’s high-efficiency modulating burner to heat the inlet air with the cross-axis airflow, dryer performance and efficiency is at the highest level available.

CLM dryers do not require special Teflon™ or plastic seals around the basket lip to prevent air leaks, as do some other manufacturers’ designs.  The cross-axis airflow design allows the basket support rollers to be mounted outside of the heater chamber. That means less heat on the rollers for longer life, rollers are accessible for full maintenance from the dryer front and rear and the wearable seals around each roller---found in some competitive models---are eliminated.