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Features of Dryers
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Large Capacity Dryers Feature Efficiency, Reliability Plus Superior Productivity

CLM's reliable and durable large capacity dryers provide high-end productivity and efficiency to help you make money over many years of operation through:

  • Efficient heating
  • High volume airflow
  • Large baskets
  • Long-life basket drives
  • Revolving doors
  • Basket design prevents damage to goods
  • Industrial quality
  • Precise operational controls

Efficient heating means lower fuel costs

CLM’s full flame spectrum modulating burner precisely controls fuel usage to maintain temperature set points. The high burner ratings allow for rapid heat cycle termination. Both of these functions lower fuel usage, which totals significant savings.

High volume airflow results in quick and efficient water removal

Cross-axis airflow in CLM industrial dryers means full force airflow across the entire drying area from the top down and in an uninterrupted jet stream from the front to the back. (Not just from one or two places at the top.)

CLM’s high volume blower has 15-30% greater air volume than other models for very good air penetration into the load.

High productivity means more dried goods per year. It may also mean your business requires fewer dryers to do the same work than competitors’ models. Labor savings along with less overtime deliver more dollars to your bottom line.

Large basket size = More efficient drying

CLM’s industrial dryers have the largest basket capacity available. Larger basket volume and diameter are important to allow air access to the falling goods as they tumble, and CLM dryers have the advantage. Our dryers are designed with ample basket volumes and large diameters for the best air-to-goods ac­cess and longest material drop possible.

Thanks to the resulting increased interaction between the goods and the heated air, you can dry more goods faster, more evenly, and more efficiently.

Basket drive designed for a long life.

Large Capacity Dryers

CLM’s unique basket drive system makes it easy to maintain.

Basket drive is handled through a main belt system that turns and reverses the basket. Con­stant tension is maintained to the belts through use of a self-adjusting variable tension device that keeps v-belts properly adjusted. This unique drive system allows the basket sup­port rollers to be positioned outside of the heated drying chamber for long life and easy access. The high-strength main belt has a ten-year warranty with proper maintenance.

An optional automatic soft-start of basket start-up and basket rotation reversing is easy on all drive components.

Long roller life means less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Revolving door for damage-free processing

Unique to CLM and unmatched in quality, the revolving door seals directly to the rotating basket thereby eliminating product damage caused by spacing between the basket and the door.  This design eliminates the need for face plate seals that require constant adjustment and avoids any time-consuming face plate removal for seal change-out. 

Once the cycle is finished, the revolving door is lifted to the top of the dryer, leaving an unobstructed opening for dryer unload and load.

Basket design prevents damage

Our heavy duty drying basket is manufactured for long life. Round perforations help to prevent snags and damage to buttons and zippers. The lifting ribs are tall enough to provide proper ma­terial drop, but not so tall as to cause unwanted abuse to the drying products.

Our heavy duty drying basket is manufactured for long life. Round perforations help to prevent snags and damage to buttons and zippers. The lifting ribs are tall enough to provide proper material drop, but not so tall as to cause unwanted abuse to the drying products.

CLM offers removable basket panels standard on all machines.

These basket panels can be removed for ease in cleaning. And, extra panels can be purchased to limit downtime; just pop out the dirty panel and pop in the clean panel. Stainless steel material and smaller perforations are also available.

Optional Ceramic Coated Panels
This feature is enhanced by adding ceramic coating, which keeps plastics from sticking. It’s easy to clean and more durable than standard Teflon® coatings used on competitive models.

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Removable ceramic coated panels make for easy cleaning and limit downtime.

Industrial strength means long work life

While many competitive brands increased the size of their light gauge commercial machines to enter the industrial market, all CLM dryers are built with high strength materials and components to handle the stresses of industrial laundry processing. While com­mercial grade machinery may last 5-7 years, CLM’s equipment is built to last 2-3 times longer.

Control Panel

Control all aspects of the drying cycle with an easy-to-use touch screen display.

Precise operational controls

Heating, basket rotation, airflow and formula setup and implementation are controlled with accuracy through the the MicroCommand™ III PLC.

This easy-to-use control has a color, touch screen display. Ninety six user programmable formulas are available for you to control all aspects of dryer operation. Program it for standard full dry, conditioning, automatic full dry or automatic drying to a predetermined moisture level. Our inlet/outlet temperature algorithm helps take the guesswork out of heat cycle termination.

The MicroCommand™ III can also be pro­grammed for optional automatic load and un­load or for full automation with our industrial shuttles. It is self-diagnostic and instantly reports mechanical problems and any excessive down time. Basket rotation features are also controlled through the use of our component saving soft-start option and variable speed drive system that help the user determine the best material drop for each product (not available on all models).

Precise control of a modulating gas system is achieved through programming that is engineered to limit the amount of fuel used, while maintaining accurate temperatures  (P.I.D. loop programming).  This control commands a proven programming algorithm to terminate the heat cycle once the proper drying condition is reached.

What it all means for you

All of these dryer features and options are geared toward what you need in an industrial dryer, high-end performance, long life and ease of operation and maintenance. With the purchase of a CLM Dryer, you will receive a machine that you can count on. At CLM, we take pride in our equipment and we stand behind it. Our products and services are second to none and our first re­sponsibility is to you, our valued customer.

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