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CLM Accepted to Made in CA Program

Made in California Industrial Dryers

An All-American company, CLM is also proud to be a native Californian.  As such, we have joined the Made in CA program, which recognizes manufacturers who produce products within the State and who contribute to the growth of the economy, are involved in continuous improvement, strive to create jobs and growth their business.

The program is run by CMTC, a private non-profit corporation affiliated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and part of the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program.

The MEP Program is an outgrowth of the federal  government's policy to develop and deploy technology, management and technical expertise for improving the competitiveness of manufacturing for small and medium-sized companies.   These companies are critical to California's economy as in this state for every new manufacturing job created or retained, there are 3-5 supporting  jobs.