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Mat Rollers

Using the latest technologies, CLM now promises to increase the production and safety of your mat processing with advanced mat rollers.

Mat Roller


  • Completely automatic operation
  • Reduces repetitive motion injuries
  • Sophisticated PLC and VFD controls
  • Model MRT-2 for processing wider mats
  • Return-to-feed option
  • Seamless main feed belt

CLM’s Mat Rollers completely automate the mat rolling process. The operator simply places a mat (up to 4’ wide on the MTR-1, up to 5’ wide on the MTR-2) onto the feedboard and the machine automatically takes up the mat, rolls it and drops it into a waiting cart. This leaves the operator free to pick up the next mat, thereby increasing efficiency and overall production.

Because some of our customers prefer to have the mats returned to the operator, there is also a model that returns the rolled mat to the feeder.

Plant safety is also increased with Mat Rollers from CLM. The seamless feed belt and numerous other safeties reduce the risk of the operator’s clothing being caught in the machine. And because the MTR-1 and -2 perform all movements automatically, the risk of back, neck and repetitive motion injuries is reduced.

All MTRs are PLC controlled, use a standard motor with variable frequency drive so the speed of the machine can be set according to the operator’s proficiency, and include a long-lasting seamless main belt that eliminates tracking problems.

Mat Rollers

If you want the fastest, safest, most efficient solution to your mat rolling operation, call CLM or your authorized CLM dealer today.

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