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CLM Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer for OPL- On Premise Hospital Laundries

For on premise hospital and healthcare laundry applications where Low Nox and reduced noise pollution levels are important, CLM's dryers are a perfect fit. A two-stage variable speed basket drive, reduced NOx emissions, and less high and low frequency sound are only a few of many benefits experienced by OPL laundries utilizing CLM dryers.

Advantages of Healthcare Laundry Machines

Hospitals, healthcare and other applications love our industrial OPL laundry equipment for our ceramic coated basket panel option. When processing hospital laundry on premise, operators deal with melted plastic that inadvertently transfers to dryer drums. CLM dryers offer a ceramic coating for our basket panels to help keep plastics from sticking. When plastics adhere to the dryer basket, airflow is reduced, which means longer drying time and more energy use. The ceramic material used on our basket panels holds up against abrasion much better than standard TeflonĀ® coatings. When the ceramic coating is applied to our standard removable basket panels, the process of keeping dryer airflow at a maximum is seamless.

All of CLM's dryers are available with the removable ceramic coated panels.